I Know 我知道 – Awarelism Conceptual Album

I Know 我知道

Awarelism No:30680111
Awarelism No:30680111












They setup many traps around you to take away your freedom. It has existed for several generations. Nowadays, attributing to the internet, they control the media ubiquitously, making them bigger and more devious, they disguises deception as a science and an art; and there are a lot of experts teaching it as a subject.

You will finally compromise and easily feel very honored to learn to lie to yourself and lie to others. It is an art of either cheating others or being cheated.

Of course, you will be very willing to be cheated, nowadays liars also need to be certified; it is hard to survive for those who is not a liar. I understand, no need to explain anymore; people need to pay the bill for living. I will remain courtesy silence with this excuse. You can fool yourself; however, I will forgive you and myself. This is because you do not know yourself which is no way others can do!

However, there is a moment liar is embarrassed to the truth. Once discover that the more they incite, the less is the freedom. And you find out everything is just superficial. Gradually, you will detect it but spiritually, mentally and physically has already been limited. The mess accumulated over a long period of time thus can’t be straightened out easily.

You will be too old to get out when everything is clear. Just like screw bolt is getting loose, there are too many things to remember and only few can be recalled. Forgot what had been forgotten. Hope is already forgotten and wish myself to become forgetful.

So no disappointment anymore for themselves.

Poetry is so beautiful, the melody is still heart touching. The outside world is so wonderful and colorful and won’t feel bored, and that is it. Gradually you will be tired of artificial scenery; be tired of listening to certain words with no meaningful substance.

He gets off at this stop, but your journey continues.



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